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Aspirations Education (AE) is one of Sri Lanka’s premier career guidance and student placement service establishments. AE was born of a resolute commitment to be a fountain of inspiration to the Sri Lankan youth to realize their aspirations. Today it is reputed for being the leading and trusted partner for guiding scores of students in their chosen academic paths.
We work with over 150 prestigious universities and institutes in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore , Dubai, Vietnam, China and South Korea. Our focus is to help you to make the right decision and to use all available opportunities to achieve your Ambitions.

Extensive Network of Universities

We maintain strong ties with major Universities and Institutes in all popular study destinations around the world.

Industry Leading Reputation

Known for its unblemished reputation, Aspirations stands for rigorously high ethical standards and integrity in the field of higher education.

Social Duty and Community Impact

Aspirations Education Foundation for Community Development is the registered Social Duty arm of AE, established to uplift the lives of rural communities in Sri Lanka.

Free of Charge Professional Services

All our services from Career guidance counseling, University placements to Financial Planning and Visas are free of charge to Sri Lankan students.

International Education Exhibition

Aspirations International Education Exhibition (AIEE) is the largest International Education Exhibition in Sri Lanka, hosted by Aspirations Education. In 2016 AIEE celebrated its 10th consecutive year since its inception.

Signatory to UN Global Compact

Aspirations Education is the only Sri Lankan educational organization to have been accepted as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact.

Study Anywhere in the World

Thousands of students have enjoyed our free professional services.
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News and Events

Aspirations Education, the Gold Sponsor of the Visakha Centenary walk 2017!

Aspirations Education was proud to be the Gold Sponsors of the Visakha Centenary walk 2017. Celebrating the 100 year Anniversary of Visaka Vidyalaya, The Centenary walk was organized jointly by the Old Girls’ Association of Visakha Vidyalaya and the School Development Committee; Visakha Centenary Walk hit the roads on 11th February 2017. A massive crowd of over 10,000 participants made this indeed the walk of the century. It was heartwarming to see Visakhians – both past and present; dressed in the Visakha centenary t-shirt dancing their hearts out.

Aspirations Education International University
Open Day - 2018

24th February 2018
9 am - 4 pm
Hotel Miraj, Wellawatta

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We were provided the best services from the inception up to receiving the visa. We are very grateful to all at Aspirations specially Mr. Abeysekera and Mrs. Abeysekera.

K L A Tharushi Chathumika
Edith Cowan University - Australia

I’m grateful to all the staff members. They were very helpful and supportive. My regards to all and keep up the good work.

Emali Gunasekara
Monash University - Australia

Excellent communication helped me through the entire process from applying to the university to getting the visa. I appreciate all proper guidance and assistance given to obtain the visa in a quick time.

Isira Gunasekara
William Angliss Institute - Australia

Aspirations did all my paperwork and transfer work perfectly. I would happily recommend Aspirations to all my friends and relatives.

James Sohan Kevin Fernando
Swinburne University - Australia

Services that were provided were helpful, work was done with a short period of time with less hassle. Teachers were very helpful and made IELTS easy. No shortfalls to be said.

Avinash Sandeep Chandramohan
William Angliss Institute - Australia

Has been extremely easy and convenient throughout the whole process. No suggestions as such, Aspirations have been very helpful.

Viranki Gunasekera
Monash University - Australia

Every member of the staff whom I came into contact was very helpful.I have no of reasons in recommending Aspirations as a very professionally managed organization. Thank you and may Aspirations prosper and continue to be of service to youngsters like me.

Divya Vidhushi De Silva
Deakin University - Australia

Aspirations Education helps the students who go abroad in every possible way. And also if you go through aspirations there is not much of burden on you as they do everything in terms of customer services there are on top as they always speak to every student in a polite manner which is a very good thing.

Vihansa Edirimanne
William Angliss Institute

I would like to express mine sincere thanks to Aspiration for the support provided in pursuing my studies. I am glad to have applied through aspirations as I did not expect the entire application process to go through so smoothly.

Nadhira Perera
University of Canberra

I heard about Aspirations through my school. The staff at aspiration were knowledgeable, helpful, prompt and professional. They’re accommodating, warm and friendly. They emphasized the need for us to remember our notes and be patriotic, and really appreciated that a lot.

S A Randini Kaushalya Karunanayake
Deakin University - Australia

Friendly staff, Calm Environment, Well organised

John Randima Perera
William Angliss Institute - Australia

Very well organized. As we traveled from Ratnapura, they took a keen responsibility not to waste our time by any kind of work. Well done everyone!

G D Chathrapani N Geekiyanage
RMIT University - Australia

Aspirations has helped me out to pursue my higher studies in a top world ranked university.Not just me but they have assisted numerous students to pursue their higher studies abroad which is a great service that helps to develop the younger generation.

Dylan Fernandopulle
UNSW- Australia

Very well satisfied with Aspirations Education’s work. Glad I chose you,in fact I suggested Aspirations to numerous friends.Thank you!

Abdullah Yousuf Admani
Monash University - Australia

Quick and friendly processing, information are up to date. Staff is flexible to speak with. I surely recommend Aspirations to those who are planning to study abroad

P Aingharan
Edith Cowan University - Australia

Excellent service levels,very prompt with responding to my varies and constant questions.

Shenina Amira Suhayb
Lasalle University -Singapore