What special services are on offer to students by Aspirations Education

Guidelines for Students

  • Counseling services are provided by a professional team
  • Experienced, friendly counselors help you to design and determine your education track, suited to your interests
  • High quality Medical Education Consulting Services through “Aspirations World of Medicine”
  • Efficient handling of all student applications
  • Timely and ethical correspondence with foreign universities
  • Assistance to find right accommodation for you
  • Providing alternative opportunities that best suit your interests, passion and affordability.
  • All our services are absolutely free of charge

Guidelines for Parents

  • Guidance in making a worthwhile investment in your child’s tertiary education
  • Expert Visa support, guidance and Financial Planning
  • Expertise on all aspects of required visa documentation
  • All our services are absolutely free of charge

Studying Abroad Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

In Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Europe students are permitted to work part-time for 20 hours per week.
A scholarship depends upon your prior academic results, as well as your performance after entering the university. This differs and depends on the country and university you choose. Do contact our counselors for more details.
Post study work option allows International students to work temporarily after they finish their studies in certain countries in order to allow them to gain work experience. Do contact our counselors for more details.
Sponsor requirements varies from country to country, our counselors will answer all your doubts on this.
Contact us or visit our office and meet our counselors to ascertain if you are able to take your family with you. This varies according to the your choice of country for studies, as well as the Course & University you select for your Higher education. Each University has its own eligibility criteria which the student should satisfy to be eligible for entry.
This varies from University to University. Do contact our counselors for more information.
Yes. We are registered in the UCAS customer database and permitted to process the application via UCAS. We assist all students to apply through the UCAS system to gain admission to the top universities in the UK.
Yes, you can apply to maximum of 05 universities at one time.

Pre - Preparation

When should I start preparing for higher education abroad?

Generally, students are expected to take their admission exams at least
4 – 6 months prior to the commencement date of the course. It is important to select the university that matches best your academics profile and finances. Thereafter, work on the university application documentation such as Academic Transcripts / certificates, Passport, Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation in order to apply to your future university. And also you have to work on the Visa application documentation such as Bank Deposits, Bank statements, Financial plan and etc.
Meet our visa officers for guidance.

English qualification requirements

Only four countries are recognized as English speaking countries. Australia, UK, USA & Canada. Since Sri Lanka is considered a non- native English speaking country, we advise you take the relevant English language proficiency exam (IELTS/TOEFFEL) to facilitate your admission and visa process. Certainly there are some Universities that do exempt you from taking these tests, but depends on your personal qualifications or background, the University and course you apply for.
Good News ! We are now conducting IELTS preparation classes Call 0774 775 342 for registrations

When are the intakes for these countries?

Australia February / July (October and November intakes in selected universities)
New Zealand February/ July
UK September (Selected Universities - January intake)
USA January/ August
Canada January/ August
Singapore All year round
Malaysia February/ July/ September/ October ( All year through-some universities)
China September
India August
Europe September

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