“Aspirations Education Foundation” works under the objective to reach out and help to fulfill the aspirations of the people who are barely able to provide the basic needs for themselves and their families.

It is the tireless effort and dedication of these people that is the driving force behind the success of our country. Sadly, their role in our society is most often neglected and taken for granted. We believe, therefore, that it is our obligation to give back to these people so that they would continue to provide our country with the same amount of dedication and love they put into their work.

The basic concept of this foundation is . It is believed that the primary sector is the foundation of a country’s success. Therefore, this concept that we follow is devoted to this belief – By investing in the education of the primary sector, we are simultaneously investing in further development of our country in the long-run.

This foundation is the Community and Social duty arm of Aspirations Education – a leading career guidance, counseling and placement services centre for overseas higher education. We have a large network of over 100 prestigious universities and institutes in Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore. We have also been accepted as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact that encourages businesses the world-over to adhere to human rights and anti corruption standards while undertaking socially responsible ventures. We are proud to say that we are the only Sri Lankan educational organization which is a part of this UN initiative.

In order to ensure transparency in our activities, we affiliate ourselves with respective Government Ministries.


To create sustainable and holistic development of quality education at schools, economic and social development of village communities across Sri Lanka.


To develop underserved schools and marginalized communities in the country based on Holistic,Need based and Right based approaches, Proper need assessment, Participatary rural research, Stakeholder Engagement, Community Participation and Advocacy.

Core Values
  • Holistic Development
  • Right & Need based approach
  • Sustainability
  • Community Participation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Transparency & Credibility


Aims and Objectives

  1. To assist low income, less privileged and marginalized communities to gain holistic development in the following fields;

a). Education based; covering the areas such as Early Childhood Development, Quality Education, Skills, Technical and Competency based education, Physical infrastructure,  Human Resources Development, Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement.

b). Agriculture, Home Gardening and Animal Husbandry based; covering areas such as Short, Medium and long term crops in Schools, Farming Communities and Women Organizations Community Based organizations, places of religious of Worships such as temples and churches.

c). Socio-Economic and Community based; covering the areas such as  Adult Education, Health and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Counseling and Career Guidance,  Enterprise and micro-finance, Trade and Marketing, Empowerment of Community Based Organizations, Community Mobilization and Poverty Alleviation.

  1. To commence Income Generation Activities based on agriculture in unutilized, cultivable and irrigable land in schools, Temples and less privileged communities. The net revenue from such projects shall be utilized for the development projects in respective schools or communities and also to make new investments to support needy schools and underserved communities.
  1. To form Community Based Organizations, Farmer Organizations and Women Organizations in underserved communities and strengthen, empower them to meet the economic and social development challenges facing the communities. This includes activities such as Agriculture, Cash crops, Beekeeping and Bamboo based productions and other projects deemed necessary.
  1. To develop a national and  international network of donors  and experts of variety of fields who would like to contribute to the development of Sri Lanka and assisting in setting up economically viable enterprises in the fields of education and agriculture
  1. To assist in any other activities as deemed necessary to improve the Quality Education, School Physical Infrastructure and Human Resource Development and Holistic Development of the marginalized, underserved communities and poverty alleviation as a whole.
  1. To engage and organizations with International institutions to support schools and village based activities, imparting knowledge and technical assistance.
  1. To start-up economically viable ventures of which the net revenue will be used for various forms of rural Development as deemed necessary at the time.