Build the Environment

Aspirations Education Foundation believes that for right education for any child, creating the stimulating environment is very vital.

These infrastructural facilities do help to enhance the academic performance and motivates the children to learn and attend school regularly. It helps children groom, shape their attitudes, make them active, proactive, builds team work, leadership and etc.


1. To create that required stimulating environment for education in rural areas.

2. To positively influence the overall performance of the school.

The projects listed under the above category are as follows.

1. Develop school buildings

Financial assistance to Padaviya MV to repair music room.
Financial assistance to Kulamangal Vidyalaya Jaffna to attend to the building repairs.
Financial assistance to Sirisanda PV, Polwatta to cement the school floor.
Financial assistance to renovate the principal’s office and paint the primary classes at Polwatta MV, Ampara.

2. Fix proper play area and equipment

Constructions of New play area with all proper equipments for the use of children at Sirisanda PV Polwatta. Nearly 175 children benefit from this project. Renovation of Child play equipment s at Polwatta MV, Ampara benefiting more than 300 children.

3. Providing water facility & Sanitation


4. Supply Electricity

Supply of electricity to Kandegama KV, Ridimaliyadda, Badulla.

Aspirations Education Foundation is well known for efficiently identifying the schools with the right & felt need and addressing the issues in a subtle manner. We have partnered with the below schools by granting financial support to the infrastructural progress and also implementing projects through AEF alone.

Padaviya MV
Kulamangal Vidyalaya Jaffna
Sirisanda PV, Polwatta
Polwatta MV, Ampara

You have a great opportunity here to fund where you will help a child to get clean drinking water, a covered building with four walls around and a roof on top for a child to study. You will also have the privilege to create opportunities in building a child’s abilities in sports, reading, literacy and giving a another less privileged child to enjoy the education through freedom & activation. If you wish to join hands with us, please feel free to contact us or contribute in which ever you may wish.