“Transform a life through Education”

Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty gain a voice in their community and experience a better quality of life.


      1. To support the children in a holistic & sustainable manner until they complete their secondary education because we want to identify their skills and interests to help them to pursue their education and shape their future.

      2. Bring up the students as active & influential leaders than being followers.

The projects that we do under Education are as follows.

Early childhood development program

Pre-school education plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s personality and is the root of formal education he or she receives. It is vital to ensure that in preschool the child is nurtured in a safe and friendly environment that stimulates the cognitive skills of the child in a positive manner. AEF has been assisting few rural preschools to create this ideal atmosphere for their students.

1) “Vishaka” nursery school in Polwatta, Inginiyagala was assisted with a pipe borne drinking water project to support nearly 55 nursery children.

2) “Seedevi” nursery school in Allawwa was supported by offering 35 chairs, tables and cupboard worth of Rs. 40,000/= for young nursery children.

3) “Arunalu” nursery school in Polwatta, Inginiyagala ( a complete building for two class room section was built)

IT Education

Aspirations Education Foundation has identified the significance of IT being taught to school children in rural areas of Sri Lanka. In many schools, IT facilities are at a minimum level or not heard of.

Thus the AEF has embarked on a Social Enterprise Project in providing access to IT facilities to the rural communities.

AEF discovered that there was no access to computer training in and around Inginiyagala Town.

School children have to go to the Ampara City which is approximately 30 km away from the Inginiyagala Town.

There are 6-7 schools at Inginiyagala without proper computers & computer teachers.

This pilot project set-up a Community based Computer Centre at Inginiyagala, on the 19th of September 2013 to marking the 6th anniversary of the Aspirations Education Foundation.

Located at the ‘Polwagayaya Janapadaya“in Inginiyagala, the computer laboratory consisted of 09 computers with networking as well as internet facilities.

Its main objectives were:

To provide basic computer knowledge for Primary & Secondary school children & Tertiary students at cost.

To conduct basic, intermediate & advance computer courses at low cost for the poor communities in surrounding areas.

To provide educational software to stimulate classroom sessions.

To train the teachers who are not computer literate.

To be used as an E-library where information related to their subjects can be downloaded and referred to.

To keep the students occupied during their free periods when teachers are absent.

The AEF supported the project by providing

Cost of renovation of the computer room.

Cost of hardware and soft ware.

Cost of trainers

The Project is managed by the ‘Arunaloka’Community based Organization with technical support from the Advance Training Center in Ampara

Progress so far

First batch of 60 children have completed the first “Basic Information Technology” course under the following categories:

Grade 6-8

Grade 9-10

Grade 11-13

Sports Development

The importance of the role of Sport in the community

The Aspirations Education Foundation (AEF) supports the development of Sports activities in schools which leads to the development of the child, with a thorough grounding in teamwork, sportsmanship and physical fitness.

More importantly, AEF believes that Sports is a vital focus of its Social Enterprise projects, which aims at the development of the entire community via sports. To achieve social outcomes such as:

Improving the fitness and health of specific social groups.

Addressing issues of community safety and reducing levels
of vandalism and crime.

Contributing to improved school attendance/ educational

Developing social and technical skills and increasing employability.

Contributing to community development and regeneration.

Sports Projects completed so far are as follows:

Distribution of sports equipment such as cricket bats, soft and hardballs, cricket gear, badminton equipment, volleyballs and netballs for Okkampitiya Maha Vidyalaya.

Netballs, volleyballs and cricket tournament kits for women’s cricket team of Kandegama KV, Ridimaliyadda.

Volleyballs and netballs for Kobbebewala Keerthiratna Maha Vidyalaya.

Construction of a new play area with necessary equipment benefitting 175 children at Sirisanda PV Polwatta.

Renovation of play equipment at PolwattaMV in Amapara benefitting more than300 children.

Apeksha Scholarship Program

There’s a minimum of 10% dropouts in the primary education and 15-20% dropouts in the secondary education. Most of the school children in rural areas, fail to complete the education due to poverty in those areas. The statistics show that higher percentage of dropouts in the secondary education is females.

Aspiration Education Foundation is very cautious regarding the above situation and have financially supported a large percentage which is 90% of our funds towards the education to support these underprivileged children.

We have 3 categories of sponsorships. They are

A. School based Scholarship Program

15 students (5 each from each grade categories) from each school are getting a monthly financial sponsorship of the following amounts.

Grade 1-5        -Rs. 300/= per student every month
Grade 6-9        -Rs. 400/= per student every month
Grade 10-13    -Rs. 600/= per student every month

Taking the above figures to sponsor one school the approximate cost is Rs. 6500/= per month. Currently Aspiration Education Foundation is sponsoring 435 students in 28 schools.

B. Individual Scholarships

These students are the individual students who transfer their school after the Grade 5 scholarship exam results. There are 20 students sponsored by Aspirations Education Foundation at the moment.

C. “Pirivena” Education

Aspirations Foundation is assisting 13 monks in the Ampara District.

Aligning with the core values of the foundation, Aspirations assist the students as per a criteria and it is as follows;
The selection is done by the school principal and school authorities

Students who are unable to continue education due to the poverty issue.

Please help us to transform an innocent life through Education by generous donations or you can be a part of our team by becoming a volunteer.

Library Development

Aspirations Education Foundation is also developing an active, resourceful library management system to the schools that we are currently assisting with.


To create the door to an unlimited collection of information to be used to increase the knowledge, reading habits & language fluency.

Provide assistance to build a rich collection of grade appropriate books and library resources.

Ongoing activities are as follows;

AEF trains teachers on Library Management.

AEF coordinates with the school administration to appoint library management committees.

The foundation also provides guidance to schools to promote good reading habits among the students and to encourage them to use the library for their educational needs.

Already given nearly 500 books given to Okkampitiya Maha Vidyalaya, Monaragala.

Given more than 250 books to Kandegama Kanishka Vidyalaya, Ridimaliyadda.

Donated books on Buddhism to Kadurugoda Temple in Inginiyagala

Sponsor library teachers at Polwatta MV, and Paragahakele MV, Ampara

Teacher training & Development

From the commencement of “Aspirations Education Foundation”, the focus has been on Literacy & subject related learning when it comes to Education.

AEF positions itself to assist these underprivileged schools to provide their students with the best education.

We assist in recruiting and sustaining well qualified teachers to address the insufficiency in their teaching staff to give the most modern teaching and learning techniques as a result building a stepping stone for these young students to take over the world tomorrow with confidence.


Uplift the standards and the quality of education of students living in rural areas and studying in rural schools across Sri Lanka.

Ongoing projects are as follows;

AEF financially supports teachers in few rural partner schools as follows;

1. Wijayabahu Prathamika Vidyalaya      – Tamil Teacher
2. Lihiniwehera Prathamika Vidyalaya    – Tamil Teacher
3. Veppankulam Maha Vidyalaya             – Mathematics Teacher
4. Kurulubadda Prathamika Vidyalaya    – Primary Teacher
5. Polwatha Maha Vidyalaya                      – Librarian
6. Dikyaya Kanishka Vidyalaya                  – Primary Teacher
7. Sirisadha Prathamika Vidyalaya          – Music Teacher
8. Paragaskele Maha Vidyalaya                – Library Teacher