Uplifting the community

Aspirations Education Foundation’s vision is to create holistic development of a village.

Therefore while strengthening the education and the school environments; we make every measure to develop the community around with their participation &stakeholder engagement.

You can help us accomplish our goals by contributing towards these ongoing projects listed below and join hands with us in helping the unspoken and unseen aspirations of these rural communities.

The ongoing projects are as follows.

Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.

Empowering the youth in rural corners of the island has been another part of the Aspirations Foundation’s mission.


Guide and assist the youth to extract the best of their abilities which will result in the development of the country.

To shape the skills and abilities of the youth in order to allow career development and thereby enhance career opportunities.

The ongoing projects are as follows;

We have established IT training centers at Polwatta and Inginiyagala through which the youth in these areas will be trained. This center is equipped with 10 computers with modern facilities such as internet

The Foundation provides the necessary financial and technical support required to sustain these training centers.

We provide the necessary advice and guidance to improve the service levels of the training centers.

Water & Sanitation

Help to give clean water

Addressing Water issues in Schools

Another area of concern for the Aspirations Education Foundation ( AEF) where some of its project schools and community are affected, especially in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka is the lack of an adequate and regular water supply throughout the year.

For instance, there are irrigation related issues affecting those in and around Inginiyagla Town throughout the year, as it is situated in the Dry Zone. The area only gets water from the North-East Monsoon during the October- February period. During the remaining eight months it is dry season and hence no rainfall.

In the last few years, the delayed monsoons have further aggravated the situation where there is an acute scarcity of water for cultivation and drinking purposes. The lives of the farmers as well as the school children have been affected badly.

School children especially need to have water for drinking and washing purposes during the school hours from 7.30 am- 2.30 pm. Most of the schools in and around Inginiyagala have no proper pipe born water or any other regular water source for the use of the school children. Sadly, children in these areas undergo immense difficulties. Quite often most of the school children are seen nearby desperately searching for drinking water. Most of the children have no access to water for use in toilets.

AEF proposes locating at least one or two tube wells for this purpose. Since there is no possibility of a government allocation for this purpose, in the near future, the schools must depend on the good will of Non-governmental Organizations, well –wisher and community assistance.

AEF also believes that installing rain water harvesting systems in schools in these areas will be a solution for severe water problems at schools. Rain water could be collected during the rainy season and thereafter utilized in the dry season.

The elevation of Inginiyagala is around 20 ft. above sea level and therefore, the possibility of tapping the Water Table is not so difficult.

Yet another solution to the water issue in schools would be to construct pit -wells for both drinking and cultivation purposes.

Women Empowerment

Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but its achievement has enormous socio-economic outcomes.

Empowering women increases blooming economies, drives productivity and growth. Women of Sri Lanka are indeed contributors to nation- building, among others.


Uplift the overall socio-economic environment of a country by empowering women in the rural communities.

Create career opportunities and bring out the capabilities, abilities & talents in women.

Generate a source of income to create independency.

Enhance the knowledge regarding microfinance, small scale business management, income management, investment patterns & market trends which would generate external benefits in the long run

We at Aspirations Education Foundation take effort towards achieving the above? productivity of women through Women Empowerment and have implemented projects as follows;

Supported and guided women to set up and sustain small scale sewing garments from their homes by providing the required equipment such as the sewing machines and etc in a form of a soft loan with the coordination of a bank.

Provide technical advice and guidance to sustain and develop the business.