Agriculture Development

Sri Lanka has always been a country with a prosperous agricultural sector through its history.

It’s because of the unseen and unspoken efforts of the farmers who work morning, noon and night among all the weather obstacles and other difficulties with no complain that the people in the country can conveniently eat Sri Lanka’s favorite food: Rice.

Aspirations Education Foundation provides a seed capital for the cultivation projects in the form of an interest free loan recoverable in 3-5 years.

We are working together with several rural schools and the communities around unities and have launched agricultural projects.

To generate income to the schools and they will be utilized for school development purposes.
To create a finance source for reinvestment and to repay the loan.
To bring uncultivated and unused land under cultivation.

We have three categories in the Agriculture cultivation projects which have begun so far which are as follows;
Long Term Crops
Medium Term Crops
Short Term Crops

The time periods are taken into consideration according to the number of days the harvest can be reaped. The cultivation projects done so far for the above time periods are as follows;
Long Term crops            – Mango Plantation & Rambutan Plantation  (Mango- 1950 trees in 30 schools, Rambutan- 35 trees)
Medium Term crops    – Pineapple Plantation  (4000 plants)
Short Term crops          – Vegetable Plantation, Foliage, Maize & Ginger

We provide all the technical assistance and advice required by professionals in order to educate the villagers to sustain the cultivation for long term usage.
These agricultural projects not only help to develop the schools but also radiate the development process into the surrounding community while helping to uplift the agricultural sector of the country as a whole. All though agriculture projects are begun with the natural creation of our country, it takes immense time, effort and finances in order to maintain and sustain the cultivation for the long-run. You can be a part of this great cause by just clicking on the button below, contacting us or by becoming a volunteer.