Aspirations Education(AE) is one of Sri Lanka’s premier career guidance and student placement service establishments. AE was born of a resolute commitment to be a fountain of inspiration to the Sri Lankan youth to realize their aspirations. Today it is reputed for being the leading and trusted partner for guiding scores of students in their chosen academic paths. We work with over 100 prestigious universities and institutes in Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Malaysia, China, India & Singapore. Our services are unique, since there is no charge for our wide ranging professional services. While we provide expert career guidance and professional counselling services to students who wish to pursue their education overseas, our focus is to help you to make the right decision and use all available opportunities to achieve your ambitions. The Aspirations Education Foundation (AEF) is the community and social development wing of Aspirations Education, focused on the ideal of ‘Village and School – the nation’s prosperity’. AEF strongly believes that it is the quiet and tireless effort of the less fortunate in our community that is the driving force of our nation’s success. Regrettably their struggle is often forgotten and undervalued. AEF focuses on investing in primary education, the heart of a country’s success. Concerted efforts in this sphere, along with developing the surrounding community are vital for the long term development of our country. We have also been a pioneer in developing a raft of innovating and exciting programmes designed to stimulate the development of the personality and skills of our country’s youth. Some of these innovative programmes are Pathbreaker,(first education based reality programme in the country) Learn, Earn & Serve Our Nation, Inter-school Dance Contest, Aspirations Youth Club and Stage You. All these programmes have given an impetus for the intellectual and personality enhancement of the young.

Message from the Chairman

Ajith Abeysekera


Aspirations Education was born out of a resolute commitment to be a fountain of inspiration to the Sri Lankan community to help them realize their aspirations. Our core business model is providing career guidance and counseling services to students who wish to pursue their education overseas. In addition, as a socially responsible organization, we have established the Aspirations Education Foundation as our social entrepreneurial arm through which we regularly grant monthly scholarships to less privileged students to continue their primary and secondary schooling in Sri Lanka. Further, by pioneering the first-ever educational TV reality show for students through our innovative spirit, we have given the youth of Sri Lanka an unprecedented opportunity to enhance their personality and build confidence by engaging in many stimulating initiatives. These rewarding experiences in all the varied facets of our journey from inception, we recall with great pride! Our unswerving determination to be the most excellent as a corporate entity has won the admiration of international universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, and local principals, teachers, and parents alike. We thank them all for their continuous support, cooperation, and encouragement. In our genuine ethical efforts we are honoured to have been accepted by the United Nations Global Compact.
Ajith Abeysekera

Message from the Co-Chairperson

Daphne Abeysekera


Career Guidance has always been a subject close to my heart with the first hand experience gained with my two grown-up daughters, whose ambitions and anxieties I have been fully aware of. This is a field which requires a genuine commitment and a lot of patience, as each case will have to be attended to individually. Further it is also a great responsibility, as their future depends on the decision they make today. Serving students who visit us with a lot of expectations and confidence, we personally feel it our bounden duty to help them achieve their dream of pursuing higher education overseas. The satisfaction it gives us is immense. We at Aspirations Education have the know-how and the resources to successfully resolve even the most complicated scenarios, through our comprehensive service which encompasses every aspect of career guidance and placement, making it all the more easier and a hassle free experience for the students. We are determined to continue our good work with the same dedication and unflinching commitment for the benefit of those who visit us with so much of faith and trust. Our objective is to help you to take the right decision and make the most of the opportunities available in achieving your ambitions. Aspirations Education with years of experience is totally aware of both the increasing demand in the field as well as the responsibilities towards the students.
Daphne Abeysekera

Certified Singapore Education Specialist

Aspirations Education was trained and certified as “Singapore Education Specialist” by Singapore Government owned Singapore Education.

UCAS Registered Center

Aspirations Education is registered in the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) customer database and is permitted to process the application via UCAS, whose role is to operate the application process for British universities.

Certified New Zealand Education Specialist

Aspirations Education was trained and certified as “New Zealand Education Specialist” by New Zealand Government owned New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Signatory to the United Nations Global Compact

Aspirations Education is the only Sri Lankan educational organization to have been accepted as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact.

Leading Representative for Australian Universities

Aspirations Education was approved and authorized by the Australian High Commission to assess and issue Pre Visa Assessments (PVA) and was made a Streamlined Agent of the Australian High Commission at the times those scheme were deployed.

Leading Representative for Malaysian Universities

spirations Education played a pioneering role in introducing Malaysian Education to Sri Lanka. Accredited as one of the leading student placement centres for Malaysian Universities


  • Birth of Aspirations Education
  • Launching Sri Lanka’s first education based TV Reality Programme : Pathbreakers Season 1 :
  • Birth of Aspirations Education Foundation
  • Launching the Apeksha Scholarship Programme
  • Launching Pathbreakers Season 2
  • Accepted as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact
  • Aspirations International Education Exhibition 10th Anniversary

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